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You’re a new or aspiring wedding professional but feel stuck, or unsure of what the next step in your journey is. 

Perhaps you’re just beginning to explore this industry and are wondering “is this for me?”. Or you’ve taken the leap of faith into entrepreneurship but now see the tremendous amount of work that it takes to work this beautiful industry while also running a profitable business.

Let’s hop on a clarity call together to help you get unstuck.

Known for my “tell it like it is” and open approach to communication, I’m here to share my knowledge and empower you in your journey as a wedding professional. No topic is off limits and no secrets are kept - I’m on your team. 

Regardless of what your pain point is, I understand because I’ve been there.  

  • 60 minutes of dedicated conversation customized to your pain points and stage of business 
  • An intake questionnaire to help us stay on track and assist you in gaining the most out of your investment
  • Tangible action steps towards your next goal
  • Post-call comprehensive summary with key points and resources discussed in our conversation 
  • 2 week accountability follow-up email

Your Clarity call will include

 investment: $ 225

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With a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, certifications in Wedding Planning (WPICC), Wedding Design (CWED), and my 10+ years as a corporate HR consultant... not to mention:

  • 8+ years of building and managing Sandra Bettina Events, PLUS;
  • Opening a gift and lifestyle boutique (XO & Mane), AND;
  • Being a Mama to 2 little girls...

I’ve been through the clouds and through the mud of entrepreneurship in a high-stress industry. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my journey, but also equally as many good decisions… High highs and low lows have shaped the business I have today and through a lot of hard work, education, dedication, relationships and resilience I’ve built a business that excites me and, more importantly, allows me to live a life that I love…..

And I want that for you too! 

Let's do this!!!

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you could say I have some experience behind me.

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