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Wedding Planner.

Wedding Coordinator.

Wedding Designer.

With so many terms and not a whole lot of guidance on the meaning of any, it’s no wonder that so many clients come to our initial consultation very confused. 

One of the first questions we ask potential clients is “how can we help you?” and often the answer is “I’m not sure. I just don’t want to be stressed.”, or “I don’t know, we just need someone so we don’t have to worry.”. 

We agree that those are completely fair and reasonable expectations when looking for someone to assist you in your wedding planning journey.

The problem… ANY of the above-mentioned titles and corresponding services can help with ONE aspect of your wedding but without ALL of the above working in cohesion, some clients will still be left worrying and stressing about the remaining tasks. 

There are couples who thrive in organization and get excited about sourcing vendors and doing research. Others are very creative with a knack for design and are able to navigate the busy waters of rental inventory. Those couples are often ok and perfectly happy with one of our simpler services like Wedding Day Management.

But, what if the idea of doing the majority of work yourself is anxiety-inducing and just the thought of putting a wedding design together is overwhelming?

Well, this is where we can help. 

So, without further delay let us introduce our Full-Service Planning Package by breaking it down into the 3 main categories we work through.

1. We Plan

Think of the planning as the skeleton of your wedding day – without it, nothing else can stand. As your wedding planner will take care of the entire process; we will draft and manage your (realistic for Edmonton) budget, handle the logistics, refer carefully matched and vetted professional vendors to you, review contracts and handle all of the vendor communication. 

Our planning process comes with a strategic approach including phases and timelines for each action item, ultimately creating a seamless process for you. We take the overwhelm away and make everything clear and simple, all while ensuring you have the best vendor team behind you. 

“Think of planning as the skeleton of our wedding day”.

2. We Design

Often, this is what people think about when they think “Wedding Planner”, however, the wedding design is just one aspect of the entire process…. it also happens to be one of our favourite parts. This focuses on the aesthetic of the wedding planning, aka “the pretty”. 

 A professional and skilled Wedding Designer will take it much past the selection of the linens, and instead will be able to conceptualize the wedding on a macro-level to transform not only the space, but how you and your guests feel the entire day. We will have a colour and vibe exploration session with you, after which we draft a design concept to capture the feel of the wedding we are creating and to showcase your colour palette; this mood board is used as part of our communication with other design vendors such as florists and your stationery designer to create a cohesive look for every single touchpoint and element in your wedding aesthetic.  In collaboration with you, we will work to create a detailed room layout and floor plan considering the flow of the room, visibility points and overall guest experience. Every element will be explored and designed in detail – from flowers, to wedding day stationery, lighting, sourcing of specialty elements, and of course the basics of décor rentals. We will guide you through the process and manage the rentals of chair, linens, charger plates, candle holders and other rental selections. 

The most important part of the design to us is that is it reflective of you, individually and as a couple. We therefore work in collaboration with you, ensuring you are loving every detail. Our wish is for you to look back at your wedding photos years from now, and to still feel excited by the vision that surrounded you on such a special day. 

3. We Coordinate

This is where it all comes together. All the planning and all the designing gets wrapped up together in a clear and organized package. 

We will draft a very detailed timeline and production schedule outlining the when, where, what, who and why from the time the wheels start setting into motion for the wedding day (usually at rental delivery, but often before) until all of the rentals have been returned and your wedding weekend tasks are checked off. 

Not only do we have a master timeline and schedule, but we also provide a customized timeline for each and every key player that touches your wedding day – vendors, emcees, and your wedding party. Everyone gets a timeline that outlines the important parts in order for them to contribute to your day in the best way possible. 

We attend your rehearsal, manage the entire set-up process for the ceremony and reception, and are an extension of you for the entire wedding day ensuring that schedules are maintained, details are being executed and any issues are being addressed quickly and with your best interest in mind. 

At the end of the night, we will be there to pack up the décor, ensure rentals are picked up and the venue is left in the condition as per contract requirements. 

In short, this is a start-to-finish, fully immersive service where we do the work and you have the fun!  

We are an extension of you on your wedding day!

Benefits of a Full-Service Wedding Planner:

You have the least amount of stress (we guide you through every single aspect) 

  • You get to participate in the fun parts and make final selections without selection fatigue
  • You have access to a streamlined project management system for seamless communication; this will be your wedding planning hub 
  • You avoid organization overwhelm – we manage every document, every communication, every contract and every detail
  • You have peace of mind that you are getting the best and most professional vendors that Edmonton has to offer
  • You get 300+ hours of your time back
  • You will have a realistic budget, allowing you to prioritize avoiding surprises or, worse, overspending without knowingYou have access to professional guidance on every single aspect along the way with unlimited communication – we are in your corner
  • You get to have a beautifully curated wedding design without having to manage the linen sizes and floorplan dimensions (among other things)
  • You get to enjoy peace of mind that no detail will be missed 
  • Your wedding team will have a customized and detailed schedule of events ensuring the flow of the day is seamless and enjoyable for all 
  • You get to ENJOY your wedding day

Ok, this sounds amazing but I have questions…

How much can we expect to spend on this service?

This service comes with the highest investment and with good reason – we do it all! Our full service packages start at $ 7,500 but because every event and every couple is unique, we custom quote each clients’ wedding based on the scope of work. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can work together.

When should we book you?

Due to the extensive nature of this service, most of our clients book us 12-18 months before their wedding. We can, however, book up to 24 months in advance or plan a wedding for you in as short as 12 weeks. 

What makes you better from other planners? 

Edmonton has a lot of talented wedding planners and trying to convince you that we are “better” would be a disservice to their businesses and talents.  All of us have some overlap in our approach and all of us have certain things that we do very differently. What you need to do is to find one that aligns with who you are, that you have trust and confidence in, and that you want to hang out with – we spend a lot of time together with this service! For SBWE, our favourite weddings to plan start to finish, are elegant in design, but upbeat in execution. We excel at creating a refined and timeless look while also focusing heavily on a fun, easy-going and memorable overall guest experience. If his aligns with you, we’d love to meet for bubbly to chat about assisting you with your wedding

If you have any other questions, we are always here for a chat. 

Happy Planning! 

Until next time,

Ready to celebrate in style?

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