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4 Tips from one of Edmonton’s Best Wedding Planners 

One of the most overwhelming things for couples to decide on is their wedding design and style… and I totally get it, there are A LOT of options out there. 

With changing trends (mason jars to sparkles everywhere, pampas grass, and everything in between), Pinterest and everyone else’s opinions being sprinkled in, it can be hard to narrow down the aesthetic of your wedding. 

So how do you overcome the overwhelm and choose a wedding design that is true to you? One that you will only not regret, but be forever overjoyed and proud to look back on? 

Here are our 4 tried and true design tips: 

1. Look at your home…

it will say a lot! Is it covered in neutrals or do you have colour and patterns throughout? Is your furniture formal and French-inspired, cozy and rustic or leather with sleek and simple lines? Do you gravitate towards minimalistic decor or are you sprinkling wood beads and candles everywhere you look? Do you have LED bulbs blasting throughout the home or do you dim the lights and light candles? What sort of art, if any, are on your walls?  Do you have crystal chandeliers or are pot lights your jam? 

2. Next – look in your closet.

Are you bold and colourful or do you prefer neutrals and simplicity? Are the majority of your clothes loose and flowy or do you go for structure and form? What do you feel best in – leather or lace? Do you gravitate towards statement jewellery or delicate barely-there pieces? Is it gold or is it silver that makes up the majority of your jewelry selection?

Take it a step further and think about how these elements can be incorporated into your wedding design. A dress becomes a linen. Your jewellery colour becomes your cutlery, and the shape of your clothing sets the tone for the overall structure of the room design. 

3. Now, I will say it … go on Pinterest. 

YEP, do it BUT approach with caution. Pin 10-15 images ONLY and make notes about what you like and what you don’t like about each photo. Don’t go pin-crazy but, instead, carefully choose what you are saving. Taking the time to write out what you like and don’t like will help you to be more intentional about your thoughts. Even the messiest Pinterest boards end up having a theme if looked at closely. 

4. Careful with trends. 

Do NOT be tempted to incorporate the newest trends in your wedding just because it’s “cool” or TikTok makes you think you must conform to the masses. I will be the first to admit that the boho vibe doesn’t do it for me. While it was all the rage for a while, it’s just not “me”. I felt the same about mason jars and burlap, and others feel that about satin and over the top flowers. What I’m getting at is BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF about what you like, and then do that. 

Bonus Tip: 

If you’re still overwhelmed, some of the best money you will spend in your wedding planning journey is to hire an experienced wedding designer. Not only can we calm the chaos in your brain but just as importantly, we can provide guidance and structure while creating a cohesive design that is 100% true to you .

Happy Designing. 


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