Edmonton Wedding Planners hit Vegas – Our Wedding MBA Recap

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We Went. We Learned. And Now – We Conquer.

It has been a few weeks since we returned from Vegas where we attended the Wedding MBA– an absolutely massive conference dedicated to Wedding Pros. As Wedding Planners, heck as any entrepreneur (wedding or not), it’s SO easy to get stuck in the head down and hustle mode forgetting the importance of education and continuous improvement.

Without education, we in the wedding industry cannot….

  • Expand our creativity
  • Improve processes
  • Learn about new technology
  • Increase our motivation
  • Up our productivity
  • Get better at “business” – finances, marketing, HR, etc.

Therefore ultimately trickling down and affecting our overall client experience – Never a good thing!

The MORE we KNOW, the BETTER we can DO… for YOU

While we were in Vegas, our trip was broken down into 2 main parts:

  • The Learning
  • And the Enjoying

Today we’ll start with the latter and show you a little bit of the fun side of our trip! – the WeddingPro party produced by Andrea Eppolito! And what a party it was.

The bad news… my phone is ancient, so please excuse the poor photo quality. Apparently it’s time for a new one so I’ll add that to my never-ending 2020 list. We were also too busy enjoying to take photos of everything so just keep reading….

The good news …you don’t have to rely on me and can watch this amazing video that captures everything so much better!

Edmonton Wedding Planners Gone “ Wild ”…

At this party, we were inspired by so many things and hope to bring or scale some of these wedding trends and classics to our engaged Edmonton couples! Among others, some of our favourites were:

  • One huge statement chandelier to anchor the space (PS: watch out for an INCREDIBLE wedding we are planning for June 2020 where we take this and add our own spin to it)
  • Candlelight abundance – an inexpensive but highly effective way to add atmosphere and a romantic, classic vibe to your wedding day
  • Live entertainment galore – this party featured ballerinas (LOVED the juxtaposition of such elegant dancers performing to things like hard rap!) , a rope artist, an incredible band & numerous interactive entertainment acts all strategically spread out throughout the evening keeping you excited and engaged from entry to exit
  • Photo booth be GONE – replaced by an interactive personalized hologram booth, this is something we’re hoping makes it to Edmonton ASAP
  • Food station cocktail hour – our fave… a bread pudding station sliced donair style
  • And who could forget the random (but FUN!) adult teeter totter!?

Until next time,

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