Our Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2020

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And just like that a new decade is upon us! I read somewhere that if you were born in the 80’s (like Jill and I were) that you’ve lived in 4 decades…. mindblown to actually have that realization. I definitely don’t feel that old but time doesn’t lie, friends. 

BUT today we’re not here to talk about the old. We are here to talk about the new! Specifically, we’ll be highlighting wedding trends for 2020; trends that are sure to continue on for 2021 and beyond. Some of these were highlighted by Andrea Eppolito at the Wedding MBA, while others are trends we’ve personally seen or predict to be big everywhere, including the Edmonton area. 

One big disclaimer for us at Sandra Bettina Weddings is that we use the word “trend” with a cautious approach. We always preach that to us, it is SO IMPORTANT for our clients to have a wedding that is reflective of who they are; it’s something we’ve stood by since day one and that still stands today. So when looking at these trends or anything else you see, always make sure that it’s reflective of who you are, both individually and as a couple. Love a trend? Great, rock that for your day but make sure to incorporate personal elements into the day. Those little touches that make your guests go “this is so them” is what make your day so memorable. 

Without further delay, and in no particular order, check out the top 10 wedding trends for 2020. 

Color or Shade Saturation

In other words.. cover the floor, the walls, the tables and the ceiling – all in the same colour or shade. White is and will remain a popular selection for engaged couples planning their wedding design and, as a wedding planner and lover of neutrals, it will forever be a favorite for me as well. But, if you want to be a little daring, why not try a classic green or blue, or wow your guests with a heart skipping shade of red?

I know you’re probably in a slight state of shock thinking “that is way too much”, but when done right, this can be an incredible and memorable feature for you and your guests.

The key is to ensure that you are using luxurious textures, metallic elements and strategically placed lighting and candles, all to layer and create an intentional and well thought out design.

Photography by NC Photography

Traditional Invitations

This one makes my heart jump with excitement! “Modern tradition”, aka contemporary design – timely but timeless. It always looks elegant and classic, both things we love.

There are many ways to achieve this look but 3 of our favourites are:

i. A neutral colour palette: white, shades of taupe and ivory. A word of caution is to be careful with combining white and ivory together; when not done with purpose and thought the ivory can appear smoky next to the crispness of a pure white.

ii. Candles, candles, candles and more candles. Candlelight says warmth, comfort, tradition, love & welcome. As a bonus – it is a very cost effective way for big impact, particularly when coupled with flowers.

iii. Wax seals & vellum combined with textured paper for invitations, seating charts, menus and place cards – need we say more?

Stationery Design by Wedding Design by Anika

The Roaring 20s

A few years ago we saw Great Gatsby inspired weddings everywhere- and they’re making a comeback! Black, white and gold combined with art deco elements and geometric shapes will make a return for a classic and bold look. Cakes for these weddings are losing their florals and instead, being replaced with skyscraper styles adorned in interesting shapes and designs.

Unless you’re going for the ultra-vintage vibe, remember to keep the overall design modern and clean. For example, replace the feather centerpieces (you know what we’re talking about), with big green foliage and rock a modern chair selection to keep your wedding in the current era.

Photography by Ever After Photographers


While this isn’t a new concept and shouldn’t be considered a trend (we all need to care about the environment and world we live in), it is something that is becoming more thought about by engaged couples and their guests. Your wedding is and should be an investment in your memories, however there are easy ways to keep the bigger picture in mind. A few areas to consider are:

i. Food: When it comes to food, more and more couples are being thoughtful and intentional about their menu, both in quantity and source. Yes, you can absolutely take care of your guests and ensure that their tummies are full without being wasteful. Also, consider where our food is coming from. When possible, work with caterers and venues who operate with farm to table practice, where food is locally and sustainably sourced.

ii. Florals: We love, and I repeat… we LOVE flowers. Real, delicious and lush fresh flowers. Yes they are an investment, particularly in areas such as Alberta where we don’t have the climate to grow our own, but nothing completes the look of your wedding design like flowers. So, don’t skip them and don’t do faux, if possible. Instead donate what you can to charitable organizations. In Edmonton, our team works with a wonderful non-profit called Stems from the Heart. Run by an amazing group of volunteers, they will pick up the flowers from your wedding venue, rearrange them into smaller pieces and deliver them to hospices, palliative care houses, cancer centers, women’s shelters and other deserving organizations within the community.

iii. General Waste: Use glass instead of plastic for drinks (it also helps to create a more elegant and luxurious feeling to your wedding), use biodegradable straws or skip them all together, choose your favours wisely – consumables are always best or make a donation to your favorite charity on behalf of your guests.

Photography by Nicole Ashley

Custom Attire

Gentlemen we are talking to you! While custom made gowns are popular for some areas and budgets, in Edmonton our brides are still largely purchasing their gowns based on samples they find in stores – and that is COOL! There are so many amazing, gorgeous and unique dresses available, we have yet to have a client have the same dress as another.

Grooms, on the other hand … well it’s a struggle. Rental companies have come a far way from the typical black or grey suit or tux rental we saw years ago, but the options for rentals are still so limited.

We are beyond excited to see more grooms purchasing custom attire for their wedding day made just for them. Not only do these suits fit like a glove for their specific body shape but other customizations truly personalize the attire. Custom lining, embroidery of initials and / or wedding date, and fun overall suit colours all allow the groom to stand out as a VIP that he is.

We adore this wedding trend and hope that it continues to a point where that’s the norm.

Guys – you deserve to feel special, to feel good, to choose what you wear and to look smokin’ hot on your wedding day, so invest in that suit! And unlike the wedding gown, you’ll more than likely wear it again.

Photography by Freemark Photography

Live Entertainment

DJ’s – we still love you and aren’t suggesting you go anywhere! Instead, couples are choosing to have both, a DJ and live entertainment and we dig this hard.

A few suggested options are:

Live ceremony music, whether classical instruments, a piano, singer or a mix creates an elegant and special feeling for the “I do’s”.

Cocktail hour is a great opportunity to wow your guests with live entertainment in the form of performers, magicians or musicians.

For the reception, why not start with a band and have the DJ finish the night off? You can also alternate the two throughout the evening but proceed with caution; it can throw off the flow of the night, so choose wisely and ensure the communication between DJ and band is seamless to avoid a choppy (and not fun) dance for your guests.

Other interactive entertainment such as a group dance lesson or cultural tradition is also sure to remain a highlight for you and your wedding guest.

The key is to consider your timeline and schedule everything strategically for optimal flow.

Photography by Tricia Victoria

Return of Opulence

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a shift towards a more minimalistic approach to everything – home design, consumerism and yes, even wedding design. While we don’t see that mindset going anywhere, the “bigger is better” and “more is more” will be seen in the wedding world.

We can expect to see over the top installations, statement pieces and luxurious textures and materials.

Photography by Eternal Reflections

Classic Blue

Welcome to the Pantone colour of the year for 2020. Balancing and familiar, this colour will make its way into fashion, home and wedding design.

When designing with this colour, keep this in mind:

i. Use lavish materials and textures. Choose shine, texture or thick and heavy materials such as velvet.

ii. Keep the blue contained – a touch of bright colours goes a long way. OR…

iii. Go all out in full colour saturation, such as point 1 above.

iv. Incorporate natural elements – whether it’s foliage or another neutral such as rattan or pampas grass, it will soften and warm up the look.

v. Use complementary colours. For classic blue, we love jewel tones such as ruby or something in the purple colour family.

vi. Don’t forget metallics. Go classic with gold, cool and crisp with silver or bold with copper. Mixing metallics creates visual interest and layering at no additional cost.

Photography by Eternal Reflections

Feels Like Home

Another favorite trend we are seeing for weddings is the incorporation of home elements.

Lounge areas for easy guest conversation, cozy sofas and couches with throw pillows, and rugs and blankets all add the feeling of home.

Other couples are choosing to get married on family property staying close to their roots and a feeling of comfort.

Two of our favorite Edmonton boutique rental companies for all things home inspired are Simply Maria Rentals & Stagecoach.

Photography by Kristin Zabos

Rustic Elegance

And finally, we don’t see this trend going anywhere soon.

Gone are the days of the word “rustic” being interpreted as mason jars and burlap – and we’re not complaining. But the down to earth, comfortable feeling that the rustic elements bring remain a wedding design favorite.

Now, instead of burlap runners and baby’s breath galore, couples are combining farm tables with more glamorous components such as raw silk linens, lush flowers adorned by greenery and customized stationery pieces. And yes, café lights are staying around, another trend we still adore.

Photography by We are Bubblerock

Hope this helped to fire your creative wedding planning cylinders. Happy planning, designing and enjoying the process!

Until next time,


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